Symbol of inseparable connection between generations of the genus. Maintaining the continuity of knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Rodimich protects Rod himself, by its strength and essence, carefully preserving the Slavic tradition. This symbol is recommended to all fathers who want to teach their sons knowledge in a spirit of deep respect for their ancestors, as well as boys and young people who need courage and wisdom to make the right choices. A symbol like Obereg reliably keeps ancestral memory from generation to generation.


Design on each piece of can slightly differ as it is painted by hand.


Each T-shirt is made of organic cotton, which also holds a GOTS certificate. This fabric is made from organic fibers from certified organic farming. It ensures the ecological cleanliness of the production and the final product, thus protecting the environment, the health of the people employed in the production and, last but not least, the users of biotextiles. It is the strictest certification in the field of biotextiles, which undergoes a review and further tightening of conditions every second year.

Material: 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified), Weight: 150 g / m²

  • Care Instrucions

    The painting is ironed into the fabric of T-shirts, but after a longer period of use it can get be washed out slighlty.

    If any signs of greater damage happen to the piece, I can repaint are repare them free of cost.


    I recommend turning the shirt inside out and washing at 30 degrees Celsius for longevity of the paining.


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